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Appesat is a naturally sourced fibre complex, it is a clinically proven appetite suppressant which has been developed and designed to help you eat less and lose weight. Appesat helps to curb your appetite at meal times, helping you to reduce your portion size whilst making you feel fuller for a longer period.
How Appesat works

Appesat diet pills are taken before a meal, it works by stimulating the hunger 'sensors' in the stomach wall which then send a signal to the brain telling it that the stomach is full so you don't feel hungry. The active ingredient in Appesat has been specially designed developed to be resistant to stomach acid so that it continues to work for hours after the meal.

Medical specialist believe that this feeling full is a crucial factor in any diet and weight loss programme. It is because Appesat is active in the stomach before, during and after people eat it has a major effect on increasing the number of 'stomach full' messages your brain gets. These body/mind connections help feel full for much longer so that you can easily reduce how much you are actually eating.

What are the ingredients of Appesat? Appesat is made up of a patented fibre complex found primarily in the seaweed Laminaria digitata, with this bioginate complex it is a lot easier to take more control of your eating habits to help you lose weight fast and easily.

Clinical trials:

Appesat has been approved by UK medicine regulators as a product that can be safely used at home to help you to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. It has been clinically proven to boost weight loss by over 67% compared with dieting alone.
Appesat has been shown in clinical trials to play an important role in helping people feel full. For example, people taking Appesat said they felt up to 4 times more satisfied with the food they had eaten, compared to those who had not.


"I have always been on the larger size, but the change in lifestyle when I went to university led me to being my heaviest weight of 15 stone. Previously I had lost through going to the gym, but always ended up giving up. But with the help of sensible eating and Appesat I have already lost 3 stone and have much more confidence. Appesat worked straight away in terms of helping me feel fuller for a lot longer and as a result I quickly started to eat less and lose weight.".- Laura - dropped 3 dress sizes with Appesat
Appesat Videos

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